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This model has worked for thousands of businesses _ Do you want too?

This model has worked for thousands of businesses _ Do you want too?

One idea can change the world – this is now a very backdated concept. Not only ideas, but ideas with proper execution can change the world.

No. I am not saying to discard the idea by making it completely valueless. I just started the article in this style to slow down the way we’re running after ideas.

The ideas that you think are unique – oh! if I had such an idea, I could be successful too – in fact, these are not unique ideas.

Today I will share with you such a practical method that it is possible to set up a profitable business in the world with very simple ideas or products apart from unique products or business ideas.

The biggest difficulty of any business is to sell products and services. If we can pick a product that’s easy to market, that makes our life 50% easier.

First of all, Let me introduce you to Colin. Colin was a “wantrepreneur” like most of us and in 2018, he was having a sleepless night.

He was trying to generate a good business idea and these were his pointers: The business has to be based around a physical product. Digital ones are too easy to enter for competitors. Big commodity market.

A market where brand loyalty doesn’t mean anything. Example: When we buy a phone, we are extremely brand loyal, but when we buy a tripod or oil from a store, we don’t care much. And of course, a product that’s easy to make, not super complicated.

Colin kept thinking and finally, he decided, heck! I will sell bed sheets, mattresses & pillows online.

Now Let’s expand on point 3 before we move on.

Why did Colin decide to sell low-cost, generic products here rather than expensive or loyal products?

Why is low brand loyalty important if you are thinking about starting a business in a category?

Because it is extremely difficult to “convert” someone from one brand to your brand if they already have brand loyalty. That’s why we should always look at markets where there’s no No. 1 brand dominating the industry.

It’s a good test to ask yourself:

Can I name 3 brands in X (your……..) industry?

If you can’t, that industry is a good one to establish a brand in.

That was a brilliant move by Colin and he ended up starting a company called Sheets & Giggles (solid name).

You can check the website here:

Validation Stage, The first thing Colin did before buying any inventory or even talking to a supplier is- starting a landing page on Shopify and running some FB ads to see if people are actually interested in a product like this.

He spent $500 for a professional photoshoot and on his website, he just said, if someone’s interested to put their email address in.

He got 11,000+ email addresses after spending 1k USD in ads.

The Rest is History……………………

The rest of the process is way easier than you might think. Colin ended up finding a local supplier but in your case, you can either stay local or use a platform like to get your samples from China.

Trust me, whatever it is that you are thinking, that platform has it.

Colin sold $45,000 USD worth of products on day 1 and within the first 12 months, he had a business worth $600,000 USD – only using a Shopify website and Facebook Ads. He didn’t do any other marketing.

This is another of a million examples where a D2C brand dominated using FB ads.

The process is very simple-

Step 1: Find a product that’s neglected and there’s no brand association with that category

Step 2: Create a brand, give the product glamour and fun. Add strong brand association (eco-friendly paper, bee-saving curtains, etc.)

Step 3: Shopify store and go all in with FB ads.

That’s it.

This above model has worked for thousands of businesses and there’s no reason why it won’t work for you.

That’s why from now on, I want you to think about a physical product and not a digital one.

What is a physical, boring product that you can create and sell?

Think!                                                  Think!                                                 Think!


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