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Mind Set for Business?

People of all professions in the world have a latent desire to do business.

If you finally decide to aspire to be an entrepreneur or a businessperson, first, you need to decide what kind of entrepreneur or businessperson you want to be. Before that, you need to know what types of entrepreneurs or businesspeople exist.

From my business perspective, I see two types of entrepreneurs or businesspeople in the world:

  1. Big entrepreneurs or businesspeople
  2. Solopreneurs or Micropreneurs

Big entrepreneurs or businesspeople: One category consists of those who lead the world by managing their business operations extensively. For example, big companies like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Microsoft, Google, and many others are run by them, employing thousands of employees. They are known as big entrepreneurs or businesspeople.

Solopreneurs or Micropreneurs: Another category includes those who manage their business operations on a smaller scale. They are not famous. They prioritize allocating just enough financial resources to manage their lives and maintain a social and personal life according to their preferences, even if it means sacrificing some of their time for family, friends, or personal interests. They are called Solopreneurs or Micropreneurs.

You have finally decided whether you will be a solopreneur or a big businessman. Now you need to know what is your real purpose of becoming an entrepreneur or businessman.

Why get into business?

In this era, if you enter into business only with the dream of making money, certainly, you will not be able to go far.

A friend of mine is doing well so I will too. Shouldn’t come into business with such lame arguments. Business is a pursuit. Not everyone can do it. There must be a purpose for going into business. If you know why you are doing business then you won’t get bogged down by any obstacles.

First find the answers to two questions-

What do you like to do the most?

What work are you most skilled at?

What you love to do is passion strength. And what you are good at is performance strength. You have to make a business decision by combining these two. Only then will the best result come out. Even if an idea is good, it may not be perfect for you. Business is like it is your passion. But if the business issues doesn’t like it, it means that there is some problem with your performance strength. In that case, you have to adjust yourself first by doing small business. Then it is better to go for big ventures.

Some questions to ask yourself are-

Solve problems & Create wealth at the same time.

So if you fear the problem, resentment works, Abandon the dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Making money by solving problems is the job of an entrepreneur.

“The bigger the problem you can solve, the bigger the entrepreneur you will become.”

“The more people’s problems you can solve, the more earnings will become”.-B. C. Roy

That’s why I say the other name of entrepreneur is problem solver.

Employee to Entrepreneur: Many people do not like their jobs, because, that is subordination, the boss is not good,  scolding always, always overworked by me, duty time is variable, there is no system of work, do not give leave if necessary, salary is low, etc. In such a variety of ways, we want to leave the job and come to business due to such complaints.

One advice for those who want to become an entrepreneur from employee, one business means pressure equal to 14 jobs.

You should keep it in mind always, the customer is the always KING and right. the customer will give just pain, even if it is not your fault, you have to say sorry sir always. Sorry sir and thank you sir, should be kept in front of the lips always.

If you think that a job is a subordination life, keep in mind that business is a greater subordination than the job. If there is anything in the world called vacation, it seems to be rarely in the dictionary of businessmen. No one understands how many challenges can be unless they are in business.

And it is also a wrong idea that you have to quit your job when you start a business. Along with the job, keep moving forward a little bit. You can leave the job after you get a little organized.

Although entrepreneurs have a 33% higher success rate while employed.


Student to Startup: If you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, it is wise to start as a student. Students can complete their syllabus by reading 2-3 hours daily. The rest of the time they have nothing to do, that’s why they pass the time by engaging in various unproductive activities.

Those who are a little brave and ambitious can start a small business along with their studies. Not SMEs in this case; Rather startups may be the best choice for them.

But yes, if you fall in love with business and stop studying, that would be extreme stupidity.

If the promise that you will become an entrepreneur is correct, then the best time to start working on your venture is not next month or tomorrow. Yesterday was the perfect time, now is the best time since it’s gone. So, start now.

This is your perfect time. There is no right time to start a business, start whenever you feel fit.

Colonel Harland Sanders started KFC at the age of 65.

Sam Walton started Walmart at 62.

Henry Ford started at age 40.

Roy Brooke started McDonald’s at the age of 52.



4H of Successful Entrepreneurship

Heart- If you don’t have a big heart, you can’t be a big entrepreneur.

Head- An entrepreneur’s headquarters is his head. CEO of all functions. So, the brain has to train.

Hands- If you want to earn money with both hands, you have to work with both hands (in the sense of hard work).

Happiness – Whatever we do in life, the main purpose is to be good. Various researchers say,

The productivity of happy people is 43% higher (Hay Group) Business profitability of happy people is 33% higher (Gallup) Sales ability of happy people is 37% higher (Shawn Anchor) Innovation ability of happy people is 300% higher (HBR


“The real point of doing anything is to be happy, so do what makes you happy anything you want.’

After all, If those who want to do hard work, take any kind of risk, utilize all their intelligence, skills, and talents to grow their institutions day by day, create job opportunities for unemployed people, want to enjoy financial freedom in life, and if you want to introduce yourself as a brand in your society, Then business is for you. Now decide today and get down to business and you will succeed.


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