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Marketing Is The Ultimate Tool To Rule The World

Marketing: Marketing Is The Ultimate Tool To Rule The World

Marketing: Marketing Is The Ultimate Tool To Rule The World

We live in the age of marketing. The whole world now revolves around marketing. Information and technology are all being used to implement the marketing plan. And in the case of marketing, human psychology is giving full water. Active migration of marketing from personal life to economic, social to state.

Marketing controls most of our decisions now. Why buy a dress and gift on Christmas Day? Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Chocolate Day, celebrating a random birthday or buying a book by a certain author at a book fair – there is a marketing game plan behind everything. If you don’t buy the iPhone 13 with the iPhone 12 in your pocket, you don’t sleep, you feel happy. Because of marketing.

In the era of marketing, a normal book writer’s book is a best seller by marketing.

Researching all of them shows that some things are very common. One of the reasons why their books have become best sellers is-

  • Strong fanbase
  • Similarity of ideology
  • People’s Connectivity
  • Personal branding
  • Popular Genre

Able to understand needs and write.

In all cases, the quality of writing does not play a major role here.

Popular speakers from home and abroad also run ads on Facebook recently. Those who don’t have marketing, also have no fan-followers or popularity.

Here too the control is in the hands of marketing.

Why can’t I give all the birth-death-marriage updates on Facebook? Because marketing. Why can’t I get out in 2 hours once I enter Facebook? Because a great blending of neuromarketing and human psychology is being used here. Marketing experts are using all sorts of brainstorming tools.

Almost everything we do in life has some form of marketing influence. Simply put, we no longer make our decisions, marketing does.

Marketing is going to such a height day by day, even if you want, it will not be possible to keep money in your pocket. Earlier, you had to spend cash to buy things; Now sit at home and empty the bank and buy from Amazon, Alibaba, KFC, Pizza Hut, Walmart, MetLife, Uber, etc. Now you can spend money anywhere in the world sitting at home.

Whether you’re poor or a billionaire, it’s hard to save money – that’s the truth. Different marketing funnels are set for each level. Here the main weapons of marketing are choice psychology and data science. Now Google, and Facebook know more about you than your wife. They know what bait you can swallow.

View your purchase or expense history for the last one year. No matter how many things you have bought, how many unnecessary expenses you have spent, still, there is no peace inside – how many more things you are anxious to buy.

There is no need to occupy the country by war. He is leading the world in the market he owns. America is leading the world. Because most of the influential brands in the world are in their possession.

Pepsi, Coca-Cola, KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonald’s, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, WhatsApp, Google, Amazon, Walmart, Dell, Harvard, MetLife, Uber, most of the big software in the technology world are made by Americans. They are making billions of dollars in business with these invisible products. The top 10 cities in the world for startups are America’s Silicon Valley, New York, and Las Vegas: Chicago is at number seven. There are no Chinese city names in the top ten. The Chinese are making many visible products, but the Americans are far ahead in terms of technology and brand building. The Chinese are sales-focused, not brand-focused.

“Marketing is a war, where your customer’s mind is grounded to win.”- B. C. Roy

Yes, marketing now requires preparation like war, hence ‘Art of War,’ ‘Marketing Warfare.’ The books ‘On War,’ ‘The Marketing of War in the Age of Neo-Militarism’ are considered must-reads for marketing decision-makers.

Sun Jur’s Art of War book is called-”Bible of business strategy.”

War does not mean fighting here: There is art, there is science, there is a blending of psychology, anthropology, and philosophy. Successful marketing is now the ultimate level of creative work. We have entered the Holistic Marketing Era. Marketing is no longer limited to selling products.

We talk about marketing strategy: The word strategy also comes from a military term. The word Strategy originates from the ancient Greek words Ho Satros – The Army and Agein = To lead in the 300th century BC. That is, the etymological meaning of the word ‘strategy’ is to lead the military or army. The term ‘strategy’ was first used on the battlefield in 1770.

If you don’t understand marketing when you go into business, you are zero. Don’t just zero, you’ll be completely stupid.

Marketing makes the ball in the business game; the sales department plays the role of the striker and scores goals. If the marketing is right, the money-making process is active.

But in most cases, we confuse sales with marketing. Marketing is a process. Sales are the final result. Marketing is the introduction of fish by feeding or in some other way. And fishing is being done with nets. If marketing is good, sales will be good. Of course, the sales department also has many roles.

In the words of renowned financial advisor and author Howard Ruff-

”If I could teach my children one thing, it would be the Skill of Marketing. For with that skill, they could be successful at anything they choose.”

”Marketing is the best learnable skill to stay ahead in today’s world.”

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